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The official website. Features a photo gallery, tour information, and news about Paul Bostaph.

US FINAL Leg 2019 BOSTAPH Tour Backstage Private Drum Lesson Experience

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US FINAL Leg 2019 BOSTAPH Tour Backstage Private Drum Lesson Experience

from 500.00

The Paul Bostaph Backstage Private Drum Lesson Experience:

During your private lesson, Paul will cover specific areas that you need to focus on. Some of these may include:

  • Musician Entrepreneurship

  • Overall Technique

  • Double Bass

  • Warm-up Techniques

  • Gear

  • Professional Recording



The Experience:

Paul is offering a very rare and unique opportunity for fans and/or drummers to experience a private, professional, drum lesson backstage before each show. The 1 hour and 30 minute lessons will be offered at two time slots: 1:00PM or 2:30PM.  All lessons will take place in Paul's practice room, backstage at the venue on show days. Drum lessons will be given on Paul’s Yamaha electric kit. There will be one drum set in the room. Everyone who purchases a drum lesson will be able to take pictures with Paul and have items autographed. Also, all students will be able to video the lesson. Please remember that time will move quickly so be prepared to start the lesson when you arrive. Please be EARLY for your lesson; it will make the experience better for you. Also included: Paul's collectable and very limited 2018 signature SLAYER drum sticks

What to Expect:

After the lesson is purchased, students will be provided direct contact information with Paul's assistant. We will also collect contact information from all students so we can coordinate a meeting place at each venue. Upon arrival to the concert venue, use the contact information to alert Paul's assistant that you have arrived. When you sign up for the lesson, we will also collect your contact info ( phone number and email address) so we can contact you with the logistics and meeting location.
You will be met by Paul’s assistant and escorted backstage at the venue to Paul’s practice room. 

Please Note:

Photos or videos of ANYTHING on the way to or on the way out of the lesson is prohibited. Please respect other artists privacy in the backstage area. Do not talk to, ask for autographs or pictures of any artists in the backstage area. If you fail to follow these instructions you will be escorted out of the building immediately and forfeit your lesson and the lesson fee. Again, this is to respect the privacy of the bands that Paul is on tour with.

* Be prepared to show valid ID before being escorted backstage

* Very limited availability

* The backstage private drum lesson experience does not include a ticket to the concert; fans must purchase a concert ticket separately. 

* After completing the contact information form, please check your shopping cart to complete your purchase.

* No refunds 

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