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The official website. Features a photo gallery, tour information, and news about Paul Bostaph.

The official website. Features a photo gallery, tour information, and news about Paul Bostaph.

Paul Bostaph | Drum Lessons

Paul is currently accepting students for drum lessons at this time.

All lessons are given via Skype:
Paul's Skype drum lessons are conducted just like in-person lessons. They are performative, live, private lessons. You will be able to see and hear him in his studio and receive immediate, direct feedback. Lessons are customized to your level and goals. Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to progress at their own pace.

This is a great opportunity for drummers overseas and in all areas of the US to get private, one-on-one lessons. 

During your private lesson,  Paul will work with you to cover specific areas that you need to focus on. Some of these may include:

  • Musician Entrepreneurship
  • Overall Technique
  • Double Bass
  • Warm-up Techniques
  • Gear 
  • Professional Recording

How it works: 

Complete the form below. You will begin a consultation process that will determine your approved appointment date and time.

If you do not have a Skype account, download the Skype software, available free at 

Make sure to have a high-speed internet connection during the time of our session. 

Set up your practice space:

Add a webcam with a microphone to your computer (most computers/laptops have a built-in camera and mic). 
Smartphones also work with this process; however, in my opinion, having a larger screen is much more favorable. 

Your setup should include your drum kit as well as a practice pad. This can be placed on the snare drum of your kit, or on a stand, but should be in view of the camera. A side view of your kit usually works best.  Most importantly, I need to see you at the drums and have a clear view of your hands.

Booking lessons requires prepayment.  Instructions for purchase will be provided during the consultation period. During your checkout process, you will be prompted to fill out a brief form with your Skype ID.  After your purchase has been made, an invoice  will be sent by email with my Skype ID and confirmation of lesson date and time. Once you receive my ID, please add me to your Skype contacts.   At the scheduled lesson time, I will initiate a Skype video call. 

All lessons are conducted in English.

Please fill out the form below to check availability and schedule a lesson.

Name *

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